Why is it when they say something, I automatically respond to make them feel better or in defense of someone elses case? Why indeed? Is it mere courtesy, or just me being fake? Yet I am doing it with a smile on my face and small chuckles to coat. Is it inappropriate to act like that when I am trying my best to be better towards them? Am I being honest or just trying to be pleasant? And afterwards wondering to myself, what exactly am I doing. Getting lost in my own thoughts and actions, questioning whether there is any meaning in them.  

2 thoughts on “Why…”

  1. I guess it’s because you’ll feel afraid of judgement if you let yourself to be who you wanna be. Those smiles and words of courtesy are just walls you build around yourself and sometimes you wish someone can break those walls.

  2. Walls, eh…maybe. But I think I only have these attitudes when I’m with friends that are more like ‘acquaintance’ compared with when I’m with my close friends. I guess putting up walls is tiring but maybe I’m not ready to let them break it, yet.

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