wondering if all work out

I have been dealing with so much. People say god only gives you what you can handle. I think god thinks I can handle so much. I was married for 16 yrs my husband and I split up. Met a man a new from school 20 yrs later dated an then 3 yrs got married. After all this happened my younger sister died at the age of 34. My grandfather died months before that. I felt so lost after this happened. I then was diagnosed with cancer. How much can one person take I am the person that always take care of everyone. I’m just tired I have no more to give. Always put everybody first when will someone put me first? Been with my 2nd husband for 7 yrs so many problems he is bipolar and addiction problems. I have stayed by his side when most people would have left. He is making good progress but not sure if I can forget what had happen. I can forgive and try to move on but stuff needs to dealt with or this will not work. My kids don’t like or talk to him for what he put me through. I understand but makes hard on both the relationships¬†

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  1. your so strong and brave. Not many can handle what you have been through and are still going through, God loves you and Is proud of your love and compassion for others. Keep strong.Your life and effort is not in vain.May you be stronger and bolder and find the light at the end of the tunnel. Lots of love. *hug*

  2. I agree with Lovebug. You’re amazing. Keep on letting your light shine! God bless you.

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