12. Doomed

I told my self when I started this I would do my best to write at least everyday before bed. Even though I have skipped a few nights, I thought about doing the same tonight. I’m exhausted, figured fall right asleep, false. Although, I’m pretty sure after the rest of this blunt, I’ll fall asleep very quickly.

                                                    Ek. This bud is super earthy. I don’t like it.


I asked Ann on  date Sunday, she declined because she’ll be out of town, family things. thought she made sure we we’re still on for a small binge of Pretty little liars. I’m excited, but I wanted the date first, kind of see how spending time with each other out and about, could set the level of how to act when she sitting right next to me, and not across from me. Such as, do I try and put my arm around her, how far away do I sit from her…..


            Fucking chronic over thinker, damn it.

This is all knew to me, I have no idea what I’m doing. I’ve never tried to redate someone after literally just broke up less then 2 weeks ago. I’m not even sure I know how to date. aaahah.


Let it flow, let it flow, picture my self spinning like Elsa, and let it flooow.   


                                                                   I’m doomed.

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