Day 26 – 30 Days of Beauty

This dude….

Yogi is the happiest puppy you’d ever want to know. And he’s not a puppy, he’s a ten year old dog. He runs and plays and has more energy than me. Today when I got home I was greeted by this happy dude.  He was just a bundle of happy running around the yard enjoying his life.

He makes me smile and see the world in his simple easy carefree way.  No cares or worries, just smelling the fresh cut grass, finding treasures in the yard, jumping and playing.

Thanks to sweet brother Doug, my grass is manicured and pretty.  All the Wednesday wind storm branches and leaves are cleaned up and my flowers have survived.  Missing my Jimmy a little but I’m getting it done and enjoying my time….and tonight Jade is snuggled beside me watching a movie. A rare beautiful time with her. ❤️ 


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