Day 455 – School, lockdown scenarios & The Long Dark

Thursday, May 25th 2017

I still see myself as sixteen year old. I’ll get used to it soon though. Always like that at the start.

Today was good. Bit odd since my mom left on a trip.

I started with art. I continued painting the mural and am now working on it alone, since my partner is done and his project for the exam is pretty big. I only have to work on the path and that’s about it. I might make a few touches in other places, such a just fix some black lines a bit. The mural isn’t really my style, but it does have my type of scenery. It’s a good mix from both of us.

In English we did our presentation and got an A-. Only critism was that I needed to talk louder, as well as another person, but that’s something I always get told. I try fixing that, but I automatically get quieter as I think during presentations, so I dunno. More practice to be done I guess.

At lunch I went to the microwave, Kohai joined me, we discussed work then she needed to meet up with a friend, but she wasn’t there, so we went back to the cafeteria and talked while a math quiz game thing was on stage in the background. We talked about work, our glasses/vision, the YouTube series called “Million dollars, but…” and then lockdown scenarios. She was set on throwing a desk at the criminal, while I would grab my empty steel bottle to hit the criminal’s head and knock them out as soon as they get in. Or just run out of the school and into the field where I’d crawl my way out and be camouflaged by the tall grass. I rather do those than be a sitting duck in the corner of a classroom. We also thought about what we’d do in our French class, if we couldn’t run out the door and was stuck in the class. Kohai suggested jumping out the window, which I pointed out it’s high up (second floor), so she would break some bones doing so. Then it became a joke about how she’d jump out the window and would discover the criminal never came into her class, so she jumped for nothing, or the criminal would find her laying on the ground with broken bones and wonder if they should even bother. I then suggested if she was to make a rope with hoodies. She pointed it’s during the summer, therefore no one would have hoodies, so I then said we would just tell the guys to take their shirts off, which would be very odd in that scenario. “Oh no, a lockdown! Quick! Guys, take your shirts off!” Yeah, I think I’ll just stick with the bottle scenario, haha. I hope there wouldn’t even be a real lockdown in the first place. If there was one, I much rather escape out of the school while making sure everyone else in my class does too, or be one of the people that fight back, granted that I don’t get paralysed out of fear.

In psychology I had a substitute. I worked a bit on the sociology task our teacher gave us, then did some research for my French essay. 

In French I continued my English essay and finished it. I just realised that the citations for the lines I used in Macbeth, the line numbers were incorrect on the reference I was using, so Kohai said she’ll borrow the play from my English teacher for me, because I’ll be at the cinema with our French class and I’ll be missing English, while she isn’t going.

At home I played Long Dark, which is really fun. I then ate, my dad got us some Blizzards (took the M&M one as usual), I played more Long Dark, then watched Supernatural.

That’s all for today.


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  1. Oh no! At least he was caught and no one seemed to get hurt.

    Thanks haha, you too!

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