Stepson drama

Well today stressed got a call about stepson summer school. He has been in trouble with law and many things happened before law was involved. No matter what his father and I do he seems to blame on us for getting him in trouble wth. I have been in his life since age of 10 his biological mother been in and out of picture . She moves to different states then pops up every few yrs. many kids with dif dads. Drugs and many other things. I have not bad mouth his mom because that’s not my job. My job is to raise him and show him right way to live. I’m not perfect at all but I have always loved him all I have. ¬†Kids can be cruel I know he wants a relationship with his mother and she does not wrong. Hurts my feelings to know I do everything for him and I get crapped on. I asked him why he does what he does and he says I don’t care so what are we suppose to do.? He started to mouth off so a gave phon to my husband. With all stress an anxiety I need a break. My mother says I need thicker skin, and I know I do. It is easier said than done.

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  1. I hope things get better. I hope your step son, you, and your husband find some peace.

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