This ink that falls upon my skin will stay forever more. For when I’m gone and eyes are closed it remains with my soul at the door. This ink upon my skin is more me than anything. It represents my hopes and fears, my outward demons. This ink I place upon my skin was me at one time. How I felt and how I was, how I am no more. The careless youth of yesterday wanting to feel pain, to see beauty on my skin. I felt the pain again and again. These tattoos burned in my flesh, labors of love of days gone past. My frog walks with me everywhere, he is named, someone who cares. Beauty lies within the lines, beauty within my vines. The dragon is protecting still, giving strength to me. How I want to pierce my skin and feel the needle once again. To feel that high of receiving pain, the needle punches over and over again. I feel human when I bleed, my breath within me stays still. I remember it all like yesterday, the memories never fade. Disturbing this might be, it is an outlet for the only me. I place the ink in places known, only to intimate friends. When you see my tattoos you see my inward soul. You may see pain or youth, I find release. I want to go into a room and relive another tattoo. I am thinking still of words to place upon myself to represent the once true me, It has not come to me just yet. I will be there once again.

Joan Smith
May 26, 2017

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