these titles are getting way too long.

Today was the first day of summer break for me.

It’s already felt like a week, though. I can’t believe I was even in school yesterday. I took the math final (which wasn’t too bad), finally returned my copy of Maus to the library across the street from school, said another goodbye to JS (who happens to walk in the same direction), said goodbye to S, then said ANOTHER goodbye to A (who also walks the same way), then said a goodbye to my new-ish friend RS (who told me to do a stupid hand gesture that I accidentally did in the morning), and then walked home and took a four-hour-long nap in the afternoon just so I could wake up feeling like I’d slept for thirty-six years.

It’s too hot and humid today. I shouldn’t live in Texas with all this long hair. I would cut it, but I want to donate it when it’s longer, so I have to wait.

I chanced upon the most beautiful song, “fish in the pool”. It makes me want to make an animatic of a waltzing couple.

I miss everyone at school already.

The best part about writing these journals is getting to choose such ridiculous titles for them each time. I make it a point to use long and weird titles. They sound like emo song titles. Or random Instagram captions. I also like using all-lowercase letters, because capital letters are too loud and big and disruptive.

I’m trying to improve my art skills. Not sure if it’s actually working or not, but I’m trying.

Tomppabeats’ Harbor LP is still gorgeous. I always listen to the same lofi music while doing my homework or drawing, because the repetitiveness is soothing and numbing. 

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