Work /not work…


So today i had promised myself i would work for 6 hours , did it happen , did it fuck – i managed 2 hours and then i want to go to sleep im so freaking lonely – everything else seems impossible …. i hate being this weak. well at least thats the date format sorted and the how to initialise data.


5 thoughts on “Work /not work…”

  1. Hi Trinity, Just Got On Here. Got To Get Used To It….

  2. Glad To See You Are Settling Into Your New Pad…

  3. Not Sure If You Understood Cryptic Message. Anytime You Need To Talk I Will Listen And Help If I Can….

  4. Hi Trinity, Have Been Offline For Two Days And When I Got Back I Saw That You Had Disappeared From FB…..Are You Ok Babes?

  5. hi Davy -> fb keeps binning my profiles 15 so far in 18 days
    – emaila @ if you can publish this and send me your skype and ill skype you lv xxx

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