So my desire to go out to a bar/club still hasn’t been fulfilled.  I haven’t gone out since my not so great night with Anthony.  I did go wine tasting the other day which I’ve never been so that was fun.  I was tired by 6pm though.  Then I hungout with one of my exes last night.  We used to “date” about 5 or 6 years ago and started talking again but then his dog died and we stopped for awhile and I just went over last night to meet his new puppy (who is adorable) and to talk and have a drink…and have sex.  The dreaded ex sex.  So far I’m not really having fun being single.  I mean maybe it’s a sign that I just need to focus on myself and not worry about whether I’m going out tonight or who I’m going to make plans with.  I’ve always heard that you need to be happy with yourself first before you can be happy with anyone else.  I’m definitely going to start living that mindset.  I do miss my ex every so often but as more time goes by, it gets easier and easier to forget.  Anyways, I work all weekend long.  I close tonight, tomorrow, and the next night.  Some three day weekend I’ll be having.  At least I get holiday pay on Monday.  That’s the only good thing about this weekend.  Looks like I’ll be just working and coming home to some Netflix.  Yay :/

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