Crazy Neighbor

Yes, my neighbor who’s a teacher yelled at me in my driveway cursing as well in front of my AT THE TIME 4 year old while we were playing with chalk.

Now let me get to the beginning.

We moved here a little over a year ago. I call this suburb wisteria lane. It has it’s ups and downs. Good people, bad people, but doesn’t every place?

Anyway.. This woman and her kids were nice.. at first.

So my oldest comes home crying 3 times in a week. These boys were being mean and saying cruel things. They were in the 6th, my son still in the 5th.
Anyway… So I decide to go out there and talk to the boys. I DO NOT accuse anyone. I just ask, “What is bullying and have any of you all been bullied?”
They answer, but the one my son said was saying stuff which happen to be the teacher neighbors son starts to back up and walk off while making a phone call.

Apparently he was calling his mother, but at the time I didn’t know. Anyway. I did ask why was my son running home crying all the time and everyone said her son. Even her YOUNGEST said it.

Then her “friend” said it as well who happens to her son’s football couches wife. They say he bullies a lot.

Mom starts walking up. Starts up a conversation with her friend and then starts walking down and I casual say, “So our sons have been having some trouble…” I’m always too damn nice my mother tells me.. anyway she says, “yeah, and he said what you son was saying!”
EVERYTHING my son was crying about.. EVERYTHING this boy was saying, she said her son ran home and said he was saying.

OF COURSE HE DID. I confront the boys and he tells his mama that my son says it. Then why the HELL is mine always crying? He was in 5th grade and half that shit he had never heard of! Sadly he knows a lot about a lot of stuff now. 🙁

Anyway.. she told me my son needed to toughen up. Umm.. yeah.. okay. She sounds like a shitty teacher who has favorites. Wouldn’t doubt it one bit. ALSO between her boys because when I told her that her youngest said he was she said not to believe a word he says.

Here’s the tricky part with that!

Anyway.. fast forward.

So my son, now in the 6th and her youngest who I think is in 3rd are both on a trampoline.

Her son starts kicking my son in the back.. says he is going to kill my son and then my son says it back. Of course he runs and tells mommy.
Mommy goes to my son and my son says yes he said it. She didn’t give her a chance to explain or anything. Just yelled at him and called him a bully.
He road off on his bike crying.

She runs to me and I could tell something was wrong and I was like, “Uh oh something happen!” She was like, “uh yeah major” blah blah.. yelling.

I ask her to please sit down. Thinking HEY she’s a teacher… she knows how to think and act properly. NOPE. She said no way.

My 4 year old at the time sitting there with me. While we are covered in chalk. my baby inside napping. He’s sick.

I just sit there quite most of the time, but explain how her friend said it and she said no way and wait.. what about NOT ever believing her son?

At the time I hadn’t got the whole story.

My son was still out and about and it made her so mad I wasn’t running and looking for her. She was like, “You’re unbelievable! You’re a bully! I can’t believe you’re not going after him!”
I told her I have a baby inside sleeping, sick.
She didn’t care. She said, “So??!”

This whole time trying to calm her, and she walks away and comes back to yell again. I told her I didn’t like her yelling in front of my 4 year old and all she could say was, “well I don’t like to be doing it either, but…”

This woman believes her children and herself do no wrong.

At the end she yelled at my direct next door neighbor to tell her if our kids play and she said okay.

That neighbor is actually on my side with this. She says she loves animals more than her children. She also abandon a cat because it started acting funny and they though it had rabies and just left it out and got a kitten. Probably just has a tick. It still comes around. I feel so bad for it. It’s her damn responsibility to take care of the cat! Take it to the damn vet! Don’t just let it go free if you believe that! There are kids around. My daughter still loves that cat! (Not I can’t take it in. My cat wouldn’t like him. lol)

OH so when my hubby got home he went with a walk with my oldest and 4 year old and the boy ran up to them and ask when they were doing. ( I swear he has ADHD or something. Something is up) Anyway.. when my husband ask when happen all he can do was, “Uhh.. I don’t know..”
Forgot what else he said, but my husband said he gave himself away.
I never told her any of the back story. I’m sure her “perfect” children never did either. Guess she never will.
I’m not telling. She can live in her fairytale. All though I’m pretty sure she is the one who called CPS on my daughter running out with out shoes. That’s right! I had a visit because my daughter with ODD ran out without shoes. Lol I found it so hard to believe that when they came back just to talk to my husband and I because apparently they talk to the kids already at EACH SCHOOL, anyway she scheduled a time to talk to us and since my daughter sees all kinds of doctors and had the diagnoses for it all by professionals then, yeah… So hard to believe that I recorded it when she came back for people to hear.
I felt people wouldn’t believe me. It was embarrassing! Who gets visited for their kid not wearing shoes (they were in her hand)!

I ran around every where with no shoes. My mom would have been screwed.

Anyway.. after all that I hear stories all around the neighborhood about her and made me realize it’s not just me she attacked!

Even the people who lived her before.

OH! While yelling she kept saying, “I’ve been here for 15 years!!” Like she owned the place.

Okay, so you pissed here first? Cool beans!

I wish I said all that.

Instead I cried.
I bawled like a baby. That’s what I do. I just can’t be mean to people.

One of her other cats even came around the other day and I took the time to pick a tick off it.

I hate being nice. I hate not being able to have a back bone. My mother always said I needed one.

I need one. Especially to the other side. My older kids family. 

:Sigh: I miss living close to friends a family. I know it’s only like 50 mins, but that’s a lot compared to 15 and random visits.

I miss a home that isn’t even a home anymore. Sure, a 5 bedroom 3 story is nice.. in a nice area.

It’s not me. I want land.. I want room for the family in the house.. other than that.. I need land. I want animals and a bigger garden than I have now. 

But I suppose I should be grateful. I am.. I really am. I just miss home.

Or well.. this is home.

I miss happy. Wholeness.

Oh well.. life goes on. 



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