Funeral day and sad day

Is It sad I’m more upset about the fact that the foxes are possibly leaving my yard than my mother in laws Funeral?

We barely slept last night and my back randomly started spasming so I was in pain most of the night, but got up and got dressed and makeup on.

On the way into town, we saw mama fox and at least one of the babies on the edge of the neighbors to the north of us. I did read that if disturbed they will move dens. I hope all four of the babies are alive. I’ve been wondering that for awhile now… since I’ve only been seeing one. Oh god I hope giving them old turkey burger didn’t kill them.

But I’m sure Nathan grabbing vehicles close to their den with the loud bobcat was the last straw for mama fox… gonna plan on putting some meat out there later today to see if they actually left or not… maybe mama was just teaching a baby to hunt already….probably moving them though.

I’m sitting in the parking lot of the church right now. Not excited to be around other people I have no idea who any of them are besides my husband and his aunt and my parents. The rest I have no idea.

I suppose…I better get in there before Nathan comes out looking for me and get mad.  Can’t wait foe this to be over.

Have a great day…I’ll report back tonight.

One thought on “Funeral day and sad day”

  1. Thank you for the comment. I’m sorry about your grandpa though ☹
    It was a looong day Saturday and we went home and passed out after 4pm. It was longer.for me since I had no one to talk to since the guests talked to my husband the whole time, which was fine.
    Sadly, the mother fox did move the babies. They are no longer in our yard. My husband’s day of moving stuff around in the back yard and driving too close to their den caused her to move them. I hope they all live long lives though. I’m sad I never got too get any photos of them though. They were beautiful babies❤

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