Like clockwork

It’s that time again for King to throw his quartly temper tantrum.  

We incubate eggs. Chicken, peacock, duck, turkey, guinea….. I have researched about all of it. At the big round end of the egg is an air sac. During the growth process, the sac gets bigger as the bird uses up the yolk and white of the egg. There is a process when incubating. First is to check for fertility. After several days in the incubator, you take a light and candle the egg. You should see a blood spot and veins developing. Throughout the process, I continue to check for development and movement. Closer to hatch day, the air sac is big and the rest of the egg is dark. Once it is like that, it should hatch within days. 

Sometimes nature has different plans and the chick dies before hatching. You want to get rid of these eggs. They have a tendency to explode when they hit cold air. They stink and can contanimate the incubator. They take up space in the incubator. Pleanty of reasons to toss them. I have, on occasion, tossed out still viable eggs on accident. It happens. No harm, no foul. 

King has these turkey eggs in there that aren’t dated. I can only guess how old based off that air sac. Well, these 2 have looked hatch ready for a week now. King wants to keep them until the dated ones are ready. I guess I sighed a little too loud or something (I am overweight and have COPD, I breath loud to begin with). He shit a brick! CAN’T WE EVER DO SOMETHING I WANT WITHOUT YOU COMPLAINING?

WTF? I didn’t complain. So he starts stomping around sighing and flapping his stupid manchild arms. Wake up this morning and he is still pouting like a baby. 

Happy birthday to me!

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