Moving on

So a while ago I wrote about one of my friends and I getting into a really bad fight and I had some advice in there that I gave about how to handle it. I want you guys to hear me out now.

Her and I are still not amazing friends. We talk every once in a while, but we usually don’t ever hang out. BUT we are mutual friends who decided not to make our friendship ending a big deal. We decided to make it a mutual decision.

So here’s my advice to you. If you and a long time friend start to fight more often than not and get mad when one another goes to hang with other people and also when one gets a boyfriend, then it’s time to take a break from each other. Talk about it and decide how long you need from one another.

Everybody needs a break from either their significant other or even sometimes their family. But when you are spending almost everyday with your friends sometimes you get tired of each other and start to fight.

I am telling you that taking that break will not only get you away from each other, but youre also giving that other person time to do things and hang out with people they wouldn’t have hung out with before.

Allowing yourself or that person to do something out of their normal routine, causes them to forget about the problems or any of the frustration they may have had towards you or you towards them. This allows the body and mind to relax and feel good again.

*note: I am not in anyway a doctor, just my opinion*

So whether you take my advice or not always remember that you are just as important as anyone in the world.

Stay true to who you are and how you do your everyday things in life.


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