My unbelievable life’s Memory

Chapter 1

It was June 1974, when classes were already ended. I was sitting on the stairs of our house in P.del Rosario Extention, one of the longer thoroughfare in Cebu. My sight was so straight in the horizon,looking back and forth the memories of life as a student.And, what is in store after all? The gay, laughter,sacrifice, and satisfaction were all over in my mind. Shall I say that I was confused of what to do next?

Yes, I was alone. And I felt the effect of emptiness at that time. My mother left for Canada, and also my brothers and sister. Well, It’s nice to have your siblings be always closer to you. You can have your time to play the same game from childhood to neighborhood. Classmates went home to different islands. But there was also one that keeps on haunting your mind, like Bert, Tony and Harlin, who were my “brod in frat” and always a part of the Circle wherever we go. Bert had his girlfriend and became his wife, Tony was not yet settled at that time, Harlin had more but never think of bringing one for life. The three became Medical Graduates, Except Harlin who became a Lawyer.

The beautiful School Garden was our center place, before going somewhere else. And the game we were very much pleased was Girl courting. Oscar Dadula one of our friend was the most aggressive, and sometimes he led us to dormitories where we can have friends. What was good for us was that wine
drinking is not a part of our agenda. We were part of the Frat named Temperance Society. We never smoked, and also abhorred liquor. Usually, during our meeting we had some show of force, like competing with grades, scores and sometime debating various topics. Among the topics were teachers who sometimes

the object of criticism or to be debated in the classroom. Our school had a reputation of being so relaxed that student mistook to think that our teachers were incapable. But they are really good and they have good backgrounds. I was part of the Basketball Team in our department, and I believed that it was the main reason that I have so many friends. I had friends like Mike Kho, and Stephen Azura, who became the Student Council President. I don’t know where are they now? One of pretty woman of those days was Lenny Sator who became our BB Team muse, but there were many, many more.

In the province before, we had our backyard a basketball court that on every Sunday people from other village came over to play against my brothers. I was small at that time being the youngest. But my three brothers were good enough to beat against any team, but on a game there is always a win or a lost.
I was very enthusiastic to play the game, and it became a promise to me that whenever I‘ll be big I will be playing with them.

My father was a gambler, and never thought twice when betting, whether in the cockpit or in the mahjong table. One time he was riding a bicycle to the town proper and at nighttime he went home walking. He lost including the bicycle. But inspite of his lost he still can afford to blow his own music
on whistle.

Our village is really very memorable. We had a house on a curve of a freeway provincial road.

One of the attractive scenery is the alignment of acacia tree, with its protruding assets, were those giant roots whose underneath was a basin of water. I can still see in my mind those people washing clothes; some were taking a bath, and kids playing on the streaming water. But one of my friends, “Gilio” played peeping Tom by hiding along huge shadows of banana, at the surrounding environment. When he saw women half-naked, he will burst into laughter. Sometimes he will invite others to play with him on that game. But it ended when he was caught and was slingshot with stone.

And on one evening, it was the start of the “Flowers of May” prayer. I’ve seen him with dressing on his head. I tried to inquire. “Lio” what happened? it looks like you have a wound”. He was ashamed. He just shied away and lost. He was really a nice guy, and we’re friend. Peeping was a game among
youngster, and they find joys in doing it. One time a guy name Crispin was hardly breathing when he arrived in our store, telling Manyot, his friend, that Madia was washing clothes in the river. The river was hidden with trees, and the shade of the leaves covered the embankment. It was known in the village that
Madia, once taking a bath always completely naked, she became the object of “peeping tom”. “Pin, are
you sure it’s Madia?” “ Well, if you think I’m lying then go with me and find out” In the village it was
known that Crispin is very promiscuous, and everytime he was going to do peeping, he can not go against his erection, and he is going to finish it by masturbating. Since the river was situated in the downslope, they have to climb down along the foliage of guava trees, until they reached the point where they can have a closer look. With whispering voice, he said to Manyot, “look!! , beautiful skin Whittier like milk, Manyot,
it looks like we win a sweepstakes”. “ slow down your voice, my god!!, I can not walk properly, something tightening.” Madia did not know that there were stalkers, and she was very confident that nobody had noticed her. She rubbed her groin with no malice to get rid of dirt deposits. But the two misinterpreted, as if
Madia was playing also hers. So, he started to dangle and played his cock, while his other hand was holding the branch of the
guava, when he was shaking so hard and the height of satisfaction came in, he forgot, he felt down to the river. So Madia right away picked up his towel draped her waist and run. Manyot above, was laughing and almost went down also. That small thing created a gossip in the village. In the market place
Crispin could not stay longer, because people will always asked him about that story.

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