Terrible coworker

I work with a senior coworker — senior in life and career.  She is in her 70s and very hard of hearing and loud.  She is a very opinionated and sassy lady.  I think she is also a little racist.  She does not get along with most of the firm and has even been rumored to be the reason for the high turnaround rate in the section.  I have learned to ignore her comments and even have grown to like her a little.  Enough to come to her defense a few times…UNTIL THIS WEEK.  

She manages a certain client and works closely with the partners, so she is the person to go to when we have questions.  She told me to do something one way and when the partner asked about why I did something without authorization, she threw me under the bus and told me and everyone I SCREWED UP!! I FUCKED UP! when I was instructed to do it by her!  She embarrassed me in front of people in our area and worse, the partners.  I was so angry!  Of course, I was quick to tell her that it was what I was instructed to do and she acted like she never told me!  My word against hers.  

The partners knew that I was following her orders, especially because she had just gotten reprimanded for something similar last week.  (Her 70-yr-old brain was quick to forget.)  I’m really not worried about my job nor any trust lost by the partners anymore.  We’ve straightened things out via email to each other.  I am just angry that she didn’t come to my defense initially.  That’s what you do when you work with a team.   I have never called out anyone’s mistake like that.  If I have made a mistake and someone else is blamed for it, I am quick to own up to my mistake and correct my wrong.  Apparently, not everyone shares my work ethic.  


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  1. I had a situation recently in my work that reminded me of yours, a so called ‘co worker’ lied about something she had said to me just to get herself out of trouble! Like you I always own up to my mistakes and would never want anyone else to take the blame! It’s so frustrating! Hope your co worker retires soon!

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