Try To Forget But He Always Pops Up

When I like a guy I usually like them for at least a year, so I haven’t had very many “crushes” in my life. There’s this one guy though that I first met my first year of high school he liked me and I liked him. Let’s just say the guy I like Ben, his friend  liked me and told me and Ben lies about one another to stop us from liking each other.

I never got over him I’ve liked him for 2years now almost 3. I tried forgetting about him and not bringing him up but that didn’t work because everyone would talk about him (I left high school and am now home schooled by the way) he ended up getting a girlfriend who really hated me and I don’t know why. But I just saw on someone’s snapchat story that they were together at his girlfriend’s birthday party. I was honestly crushed and I don’t know for the life of me why, I haven’t seen him in a year and I thought I was 100% over him but whenever I forget all about him he pops up somewhere and I’m reminded about him and my brain goes oh you still like him. I’m glad he is happy though but I just want to cry inside. Anyone know anyways to get over a guy like that? 

~ Unaware

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