Beautiful Sunday!

happy Sunday folks! 

Feeling really content and happy today. I took mya to mass at our local church this morning , I have literally wanted to go for months but I have been nervous. For no other reason than I had this image in my head that everyone would turn around and know that I haven’t been and know I don’t really belong there ( I am a catholic but haven’t been to church properly since I was about 4) however I couldn’t have been more wrong, everyone was nice and I loved singing the hymns, it made me feel so uplifted and happy☺️Mya was good too, she got a bit fed up towards the end but that was to be expected, people kept giving her sweets so she was happy , she said she wants to go again next week !

 Then we went into town with hubby, went to a wee cafe and got a cooked breakfast then went to the shops for a bit, I found these jelly silver shoes in Office for 5 pounds I had to buy them, I don’t even care if they aren’t in fashion any more!

 I finished a latch hook picture yesterday but ran out of red wool so I got some more to finish it too. Also , I am trying my hand at writing poems, haikus to be exact. I’m going to try write one a day and hopefully this will improve! When I’m feeling braver maybe I will post a few here… iv never written poetry before but I was inspired by ’13 reasons why’ and thought I’ll give it a go. I love the simplicity and way of writing haikus so thought that would be my first plan of action. I’m feeling really positive now starting the week , and I’m going to concentrate on all the good things in my life and not dwell on the negative aspects ( which to be honest is my work, but I work to live so that shouldn’t be a problem) Mya is currently shouting at me wanting something to eat so I better go , happy Sunday everyone x

3 thoughts on “Beautiful Sunday!”

  1. I love this post .. I think it is great that you took a big leap of faith conquering your nervousness and your experience was a joyful one .. I don’t go to church myself but can imagine the uplifting feeling of joining in with the hymns and being at one in togetherness .. Those shoes are going to look fabulous, how can they not, they’re sparkly and anything from office for a fiver is a definite must have .. Have a wonderfully creative evening .. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my entry! Xxx

  3. Ah thank you rebeldemon it’s lovely to hear from you! Yes I don’t think jelly shoes can ever really go out of style can they?!Xx

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