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Zhejiang Mandexi Electric Apparatus Co. Ltd: – Cable Tray Factory

Zhejiang Mandexi Electric Equipment Co. Ltd is situated in Zhejiang province in China and acknowledged in 2009.The Company is well known and devoted in its energy transmission and electronic goods. The company is also known as cable try factory. The factory is situated within the area much more than 16000sq.m and recognized with international electrician standard IEC439-2, 3C certificate, and ISO9001 high quality system. So, we’ll be sure that business is supplying high dielectric strength, big transmission current, easy installation, high security performance, high protection grade, and the corrosion resistance goods as functionality.

Why Select Cable Tray Factory?

As we know, it’s a certified company offering secure goods or security is really a should in power transmission and distribution equipments. The business offers mainly in the following products:-

Cable Tray

Cable trays are utilized in electrical wiring of buildings to assistance insulated electric cables utilized for energy distribution and communication. It’s a substitute to open wiring and generally helpful for cable management in industrial and company constructions. Mainly utilized when modifications to a wiring system are anticipated. Cable tray is further divided within the following sub- categories:-
Ladder type cable tray
Mesh cable tray
Trough cable tray
Tray kind cable tray

Bus Duct

In power provide method bus duct (also called busway), is really a sheet metal duct containing any copper or aluminium bus bars for the purpose of conducting a considerable current of electrical energy. Bus duct is divided in following sub categories:-
Air copper conductor bus duct
Air insulated bus duct
Lighting bus duct
Fireproof aluminum conductor bus
Compact aluminum conductor bus
Fireproof copper conductor bus duct
Strong enclosed aluminum water
Solid enclosed copper water proof
Air aluminum conductor bus duct
Compact bus duct
Compact copper conductor bus duct

Distribution Box

It is an electric board one of the device of electricity supply method. It’s used to divide an electrical energy feed into subsidiary circuits, while supplying a protective fuse or circuit breaker for every circuit in an ordinary region. Distribution Box is divided into following sub- categories.

PVC distribution box
Plastic distribution box
House distribution box
Transportable distribution box
3 phase distribution box
Outside distribution box

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