Day 28 – 30 Days of Beauty

There’s a young man in our community who has schizophrenia.  We see him around town all the time.  He walks, listening to his music, and without any prompting, except I’m sure for the song in his earbuds, he dances in the street. It’s like interpretive dance, very flowy and bendy. 

Tonight I decided to go for a walk.  My walk turned into some light running and, as I was heading around a corner, this man jogs up beside me, joins me and starts chatting up a storm.  My first thought was “geeze, now what am I gonna do?”.   We walked on a bit and then I said I was going to run some more (hoping I would lose him) and he said “I’ll stay with you”.  Ummmm….well, ok.  So we continued on, walking and running and chatting.  We pushed each other to run a little further than I planned, and I ran more than I walked in the hour I was out. 

I felt great when I got home, energized and happy.  Instead of trying to lose the kid I decided to embrace the time with him, let him chatter on about the big plan he has in the works (it’s a secret) and enjoy being with someone who a lot of people laugh at and make fun of.  He’s a pretty amazing person and his beauty shone through to me tonight.  

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