Day 457 – Birthday celebration

Saturday, May 27th 2017

Today was fun!

I mostly did some cleaning and played some games for the morning and afternoon. I also helped out a staff member do the drop party on the server. 

Around four, I had friends over for my birthday. One showed up early, we talked about animals and such, then the other came along and we talked about several topics, then the third and we went to my basement to play jackbox games. We mostly played the bomb one and we actually got pretty far compared to my last birthday. Later on, my fourth close friend arrived for supper. We ate sushi as we usually do, talked, had gifts; I got some makeup brushes that I really needed, a makeup bag and lipstick, then a Dalek push me to talk and a Doctor Who colouring book that is packed with so many drawings, so that will keep me occupied (it’ll be useful to study colour and shading), then the cat tights that my close friend wears and I once mentioned that I really liked them, as well as two chocolate bars, then from Kohai a giant chocolate bar and a pillow case made by her and with the help of her mother and grandmother. It has a cat, a game controller, the word fangirling in Star Wars font and her name in Star Wars font. Now I get why she asked me to pick out those things so long ago haha. I thought they were gonna go with her much bigger project, but I guess not! That I’m still gonna have to wait and see.

We also sang Dancing Queen, or rather two of us. Gets stuck in my head haha. I need to look up Abba songs for nostalgia.

We then played some more, played a board game shortly, where 3 of us tied and one lost (she lost since it was mostly her and I competing against each other haha), then we ate chocolate cake. Everyone left, I cleaned up a bit and then watched Supernatural.

I’m finding some old songs I used to listen to, specifically Madeon Songs. I’m looking for a song on the channel MrSuicideSheep too. I remember there was this one song I really liked, and I know the thumbnail, but I don’t remember the title, and the YouTuber that used the song as their outro removed the video. They have 1,600+ songs, so that’s gonna be fun to look through. Have been looking and I’m only maybe 200 in.

That’s all for today.

Edit : The song is Uppermost – Flashback! I remember seeing Uppermost and then saw the ear thumbnail while scrolling through their videos, so with that was able to find the Flashback one 😀

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  1. Ahhh so glad you had a fantastic birthday celebration with your friends! Must feel interesting to finally be seventeen 😀

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