Fortune Cookie

Last night after walking around the gym for 10 minutes pretending to work out on a Saturday night, I was hungry, and I couldn’t decide on anything in the house to eat, so I ended up getting a take away – story of my life. Anyway, so I drove to my favourite Chinese and ordered some food, and as I was paying I noticed a box of fortune cookies behind the counter “10p each”. So, me being me, I got one.

For anyone who knows me, they’ll know that I’m very into the whole “fate” thing. I do believe that what happens, happens for a reason (until it’s something that doesn’t go my way – obviously). So buying a fortune cookie seemed like a no brainer, a very cheap psychic reading almost. Somehow, I ended up getting two. They probably looked at me and got the vibe that I needed some serious soul searching, thought provoking, deep, meaningful guidance – or they just gave me two by mistake.

So there I was, sitting in my car, not expecting anything special. I unwrapped the cookie and snapped it opened and read “someone will turn on the charm with you next week”… (*ENTER STAGE RIGHT THE 20 YEAR OLD SINGLE GUY I PREVIOUSLY MENTIONED IN MY LAST POST*). Not only am I meant to be seeing him next week (for professional/his work related purposes) but I was planning on asking him out. Now, I don’t like fortune cookies… they’re dry and don’t taste of much, so I usually only want them for the reading. But I got so scared that if I didn’t eat it my fortune wouldn’t come true, so without hesitation I shoved the whole thing in my mouth and ate it.

I’m pretty sure Mystic Meg isn’t out of a job just yet, but there is something magical about getting your fortune told to you by an edible treat. So today’s wise words come from my second fortune cookie which was a lot more cliche and expected: “Treat others how you would like to be treated.” 

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