Forwards Self Back To G ..

Two weeks before I went to Barcelona I told G I wanted a break from texting as I had so much going on at work, college and in the home, my mind was on overload and I just wasn’t feeling it from G .. He knew when I was leaving so on the day of departure I texted him to ask how he was and about meeting up when I got back, he seemed up for this .. So when I got back we had a three hour phone conversation with a plan for meeting up the following evening .. The day arrived and I was looking forward to seeing G, I texted him to tell him so .. No response .. After three hours had ticked by I felt a sinking feeling so I texted him again .. Still nothing, I was upset and disappointed .. The following day, I decided to check in on my emails, only to find G online, this was unexpected as he is never showing as being online .. I bit my tongue with annoyance and simmered for the rest of the day .. Monday morning dawned I texted him like I had in the past and asked him what had happened to our plan for meeting up .. Nothing .. So I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I wasn’t feeling it from him before I went away, nothing has changed, I’ve accepted it and I’m okay with that .. Now I need to get back into the swing of my current self looking forwards without the glimpse of a backward glance.

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