I had a bad dream last night as well fatty caught me with her in person but that can’t happen now that we are doing this legit I would never cheat on her I love her way to much she is my one and only I am so proud of her and all that she is doing for herself I am happy to be hers I hope she will hang in there and keep her chin up because I am serious about the patch threw the ashtray away after my final cig I know that I can do this I know that my vivid dreams were because of the patch but I can’t wait to be back in her arms 12m9d couldn’t come fast enough we got his though I know we can do it I know that she can do it I love her hot all of my heart mind body and soul and hope she is doing well. I have to get ready so that I can go to church. That will be good for me. Alright journal till next time


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