Hello y’all, esp. Cam!

So, the exam week has passed. papers went fine;made a blunder in every paper. well,I can only pray now.

My cyst got well and i’m not gonna have an incision now. YAYYYYY!! Medicines were of high potency but i’m glad for no incision! 

My uni is off for 2 and a half months now. Soo happy!

But I have to go to uni on Tuesday to submit my application for community work. Its a must in our uni. Its of only 3 days. I wanted to do in a school for special children but now i’m gonna do in a hospital. I hope in Gynae Ward cuz I want to play with babies! My younger sister is only an year older than me. So, no babies in my house. 🙁

I went out with my sister on friday after last paper. I got 15 minutes late to the hall and started paper by 12:45 pm and was done by 1:15 pm. I was so thirsty and my instructor was like, “I am gonna get cold water fro you” SO sweet! but then whole class started volunteering so she didnt have to go out. 

I did the question on the 4 gospels, had errything on finger tips!

Watched a movie too at home and now  im freeeee..but have to get somethings done in this vacations like community work and writing my CV and taking care of my self and helping my mom and everyone I can. 

Left side of my face is  sowllen,idk why, maybe cuz of anti biotics but im not going to the doctor or taking any medicine. It hurts but I hope it will get better on its own but im so happy whatsoever about the vacations and waiting for my brother to visit us. He lives in Scotland and it’s been 3 years since he visited and we miss him like crazyy!


and i am writing a research paper for a friend which I have to mail til 4 a.m. So, ill get going now and will write more frequently now.


2 thoughts on “Vacations!”

  1. You know antibiotics suck but then they save us *sigh*
    I loveee babies so much!
    Love to know that you want to be a pediatrition! you will enjoy loads!
    those tiny feets and hands, OH My God, Soo adorable.
    And you will become a doctor and i pray that nothing that stops you from becoming a doctor comes in your way. Just be positive and think good things and nothing bad will happen. I am rooting for you, forever and always 🙂
    if you ever need an advice or just someone to share things with, just know im always here <3
    you stay safe as well 🙂
    and enjoy your vacations to the fullest!

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