Douches. Men.

Yes,men are Douches.

So,I’m on Instagram and its the 3rs guy who has screen shotted my profile pic and sent to me… Look at the guts,I mean. And they would ask if it’s me.. 


No Douche, that’s my doppelganger. I think about how ethical is that? Taking someone’s pic without permission.. Hmm 0 %. So,I called this guy on it and he was not even ashamed. *rolling eyes*

Then he told me that he deleted it,I hope he did..I blocked so many guys,I’m tired of this shit now. 

And I hate it too when my male teachers call me dear in texts and mails,ugh God! I hate this word dear now. Its creepy when male teachers do it. 

Aaand off topic, I’m gonna get my hair cut,yay. They are dark brown and waist length.. So tired of handling them. So yeah,I am gonna chop em off.

And my little sister is a piece of bread but I love her. She keeps on looking at my face and then says,” Ah,looking pretttttyy” and she is clingy. So clingy and I went to the doctor and now both pain and swelling are less.

I wrote and article two days ago and it was published yesterday and  I didn’t even know it. The editor didnt even tell me when I asked about the reviews lol . 




3 thoughts on “Ethical”

  1. Aww thankyou Camey!
    You know,on insta the profile pic can’t be opened,he took a screen shot..
    And I know some really good guy who happens to be my veryyyy good friend and that’s YOU!! And you so make me think otherwise about boys 🙂
    and those male teachers, I just cut them off entirely and don’t reply when they call me dear..:-) tit for tat.. I leave their work pending 😛 *evil smile*

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