Gloomy Weekend

I never did make another Entry Saturday night  since my husband and I passed out at 4pm after coming home from the funeral. Nathan only broke down twice during the burial and it was only for about five seconds each and that was about it. 

It was a long day Saturday but we found out that the kits and the mama fox had moved on. They moved to the other neighbors so far, but probably went to find a new place.from there. I suppose they didn’t have a food source anymore since my neighbors to the west stopped getting chickens and Nathan moving some vehicles around too close to their den might have been too much.  Which is upsetting. They were beautiful and I wish I could have gotten a photo of them, but I guess it was only meant to be a live in the moment type deal. 

I hope they live a long life and aren’t killed by farmers and such. I wish I could have kept them in the yard and fed them but I know it’s not something I should do with the wild animals because it could kill them in the long run. Either starvation or too trusting in humans who won’t be as loving as me.

Either way.. we woke up around 7:30pm a d decided to go to the store and get some stuff to grill for supper before it started raining since it’s memorial day weekend. Burgers and fries and a few movies was our Saturday night and then we went to bed. 

Today was rainy and gloomy and it was perfect for sleep. But Nathan woke me up early to go to town and just kill some time. Which I wanted to stay asleep since I was on call for work, but he got a call from his aunt to go over for supper and I decided not to go and to get some more sleep in case I had to go to work. 

Well I barely slept either way. I kept hearing noises like someone was banging on my door and shit that happens sometimes when I’m home alone. 

Well, didn’t get called and I’m sitting at my parents house. It’s nice to visit my mom, but we also get on each others nerves pretty fast too, so… we already had one argument and at least we got over that kinda fast since but it’s like she’s trying to argue right now but then it’s like she doesn’t know what she’s saying. I don’t know. 

Hope you all have a great memorial day.

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