Keeping an Eye on Your Problem – Day 4

On a scale from zero to ten, I would say I was at an seven or an eight today. Earlier in the day I had a hard time because, of my insomnia, I only was able to sleep for an hour and then we were short and work and I felt that two of the girls on the floor were not pulling their weight and so I spoke up. I went home angry and tired and just wanting to take a nap. However, after my nap, Mike and I went out and he helped me pick out some new clothes for my practicum and then we went out to dinner and it was nice to be able to spend time together again. I think I’m still having a hard time because it hasn’t been that long since my last drink and so I’m still having some side effects of the withdrawal and detox and that’s very uncomfortable but I feel like I’m getting through it. I feel like I’m trying to feel better and do my best to make it seem like I’m ok. I know my husband can still tell but so far I do feel like each day I am getting better. 

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