My Life, Memory and Experience, chapter 6, Dr. Julito Tigley

My life, Memory and experience, chapter 6 By Dr.Julito tigley

We were sitting at the bench when Antolina walked by. My brother inquired “ how early you are, why not drop a little while?”. Next time, I am in hurry. Today is our turn in the chapel decoration.” She insisted.
Since the time was still early, we decided to take a bath down the river bank, where a spring sprouted. It was really nice walking along the village green, whose edges where stood the long bunches of bamboo trees. Fresh air or sometimes chilly wind, swayed the branches welcoming the sunny, beautiful summer. Cow and Carabao were all happy, chewing the green, green grass.
At the riverbank, people were drawing water. a preparation for the night. And a lot of young ones
were also taking a bath for the night was the first night of gay in the village. It was really very embarrassing, taking a bath on the outside, but later, when the situation adjusted by itself, everybody was laughing and smiling. But at the corner of a small creek, I could see, that my friend Abe was talking to mirufe, he was actually courting her. Just because I was inquisitive, my cousin and I crawled at the back of the banaba tree just to listen to their conversation. “You only do not know
that in every night I could not sleep. Maybe because in my mind your picture is always there”. Abe
expressed it with much emotion. “Maybe you need every night a Muhammad Ali”s jab, so that you will be knock out”. Merufe joked. “You are so very cruel, despite my depressed state you can still afford to ridicule me. I love you so much, and why can’t you understand”. He almost cried. But my cousin, who can’t withstand, burst into laughter”. So, he found out that we were at the back. He picked up a hard soil and tried to run after us. But he was not able to get any of us.
I was really amazed why tennie was also home in the province when the last time we know was that he was in Mabolo in the house of mana azon. He was promised to finance his study until such time he will be professional. “ tennie, you are here now, what happen to you?” he replied, “ it’s a long story”.
“Let us start like this. You know Ben is already a doctor. And people in Mabolo believed that I have the access to his sample. I promise one of them and I was embarrassed because I wasn’t able to make true of my promise”. Later on, this was confirmed, their neighbor “ Alfonso” had a lot of fungal skin infection. To minimize the cost he asked tennie, to get a sample meds from Ben’s cabinet. He couldn’t
get any there until two weeks. To find it easy, he just picked one empty vial, and filled it with his urine, and mixed it with amorsico roots. By the following day, he gave it to Alfonso. He then instructed that it should be applied in the morning after taking a bath. So, Alfonso did it as instructed. When her sister complained about the urine aroma, it was found out that the medicine was fake.
And he was looking for him. But the ten pesos paid to him was used for his fare in going home to the province. So, he was wanted in the City for that misdemeanor. But what is surprising was that he was able to convince his father that in the City he was scolded for a wrong thing, not of his fault and they believed on him.
My friend Sammy had just arrived from Mindanao, and there was a rumor that they are preparing to transfer there for greener pasture. Then, at night time we saw each other, and since being a childhood friend, we went together. “ Kumusta brad” as we fondly called. “ Okay, maybe Mindanao would be our destiny”. he retorted. He said, “ why not make some kind of celebration”. So, we went down to a little store. While the dancing court was still preparing for the night, we sit on the bench and started talks about his experience. There were lots of fights, he said, and in the end, he is always the hero.
What is challenging when he said, that he can drink hard wine already. Since he has lots of money, he made a sample by buying two bottles of Old Special Brandy, maybe the content is about 500ml and we agreed to drink it without mixture, to prove that we are brave. I accepted the challenge, partly maybe, I am also boastful, just carried by his bragging. But I am not used to that. So, before the start of the dancing, I felt dizzy but very talkative. His voice was already hoarse, and the wording can not be understood, but the more that his statement was all laden with brag and boast. So, I couldn’t hold my laugh and it was really very interesting. The worst thing was that we were not able anymore to attend the dancing. I can not hold my legs, and when I walked it swayed a lot. Since I could no longer afford to dance or I am weak already, we agreed to just go home. We separated.
It was really very dark, but believing that I can still memorize the pathway, I tried to manage myself.
Then, it came to my mind, to just sleep into my Lolas nipa hut, to take rest for a while. Unaware that I was lost, I felt down into a deep hole, a place for charcoal production. It was maybe ten feet,
enough that I couldn’t climb back to the level, although I ‘ve tried my best. Since there is no avail to go up, I was forced to sleep there. I know, Mama might be looking for me, but they never bother, because it was our manner, that sometimes we don’t sleep at home, but to Mama maria’s nipa hut.
In the following morning, with the return of my strength, and visibility, I was able to get out from the hole. My grandma was already on the outside feeding her chicken. I was barked by her dogs, I don’t know why? Grandma was so surprised later when she realized that it was me, she burst into laughter. She said, “Di-in man intawon ka mangabat”( where did you go). Well. I never knew that my appearance was so very embarrassing. My cheek was so blackened by the charcoal, and even my pant was the same. When I got home, I have to go right away to the bathroom and took a bath. But my mother was very amused to see me with my very fresh looking. She then told me to take my breakfast. Thank God for that.
So, by the next day. Manoy Dolping asked me to go with him gathering fuel. I know that it has more fun
, eating wild fruits, and is very delightful, also there were lots of play in the woods, besides we were bringing an air gun. Shooting birds, reptiles, was really amusing. So, along the way before we reached the house of Noy Pinoy, you can see the foliage of various trees intertwining creating a different shadow, ghostly but safe. We met Dodong Rojas, the Godson of my father. We never know that he is really good in shooting. Luckily, we saw a reptile climbing at the big,
and briskly molave tree. “Oh, there you are” Give me your gun I’ll be the one to shoot” he said. We give it to him. And he was aiming closer from a coconut tree where he lend and bend a little, to create a good positioning. (2nd next page)

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