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So I don’t have much information yet. I have been texting with him and really he only ever replies to my texts so I started to get the impression that he wasn’t really interested. I sent him a text this morning thanking him for being real and making me feel those familiar things again. I got a very lengthy reprimand that I shouldn’t assume to know what he’s thinking or feeling. then said we should be seeing each other soon. I told him that was in his hands and he said no that goes on me. I had to plan and decide when and where. a bit nerve racking for never having met someone. I realized right away it was a test. but he was very nice about answering any questions I had as far as what kind of place or did he want some place that served drinks. I personally was hoping for a more private first meeting. I feel as though i’m going to be nervous and it would be easier to let the submissive side take over if we aren’t in such a public place. but I got the impression from this test that for now the submissive side must stay at bay.
As for john. things are different between us. I guess I now can see he does indeed miss me and it makes a difference. We are more able to be honest friends.

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