Super duper crap weekend

I’m a little pissed I had to work ALL of memorial day weekend.  Everyone was going out on boats and I’m stuck at work.  At least I went out Saturday night finally.  Unfortunately there weren’t any cute guys out but somehow I ended up with three numbers.  Beer goggles.  I did run into this guy that used to be in my DUI class and I went back to his place with these other two guys and his place is SUPER nice.  I mean he has a freakin balcony.  I wish he was my type but I’m just not interested in him like that.  I do think he likes me though so that’s going to fizzle out pretty soon.  The other two guys were friends and I went back to one of the guy’s house and we slept together.  He was a weirdo.  Ugh, there were slim pickings at the places we went to.  At least I finally got to go out so I can’t really complain.  Today I’m working but at least I get holiday pay.  I’m going to actually stay for my full shift for once.  I have tomorrow off but I never do anything on Monday nights.  I always seem to go out when I have work the next day and I never get to do anything when I have the next day off.  Other than that nothing else is really new.  I feel like this is going to be a long week.   

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