What a Dream…

I dreamed a wonderful dream last night even though my sleep was mostly interrupted by the bouts of insomnia. I can never really sleep well these days. 

But it was a wonderful dream that I wish I could turn into a reality. I was in a bedroom of sorts, and there was someone else in there with me. I was on the bed doing nothing in particular. I called his name — even though I can’t remember it now — and he turns to me with a huge smile on his face. My heart lit up at the sight of his smile. There was no resistance left in me to even bother hiding the inherent bliss that overwhelmed me in that moment. I could describe him to the letter. He seems so familiar to me in my waking life, but I can’t say I ever met him before. He wasn’t muscular or fit… more skinny, lanky, almost like a dancer type build. Lean yet tall. Brown, short hair with tawny skin and eyes to match. His demeanor was peaceful beyond measure and the love I knew he felt for me was damn near unbearable. 

We shared a little playful conversation with each other where love simply flowed between us. There was no doubt in my mind that this person, whoever he was, did something to and for me that I had never felt before my entire life. The heat was a glowing ember that nestled itself in both of us, and the life shared was a miracle in my eyes. 

I remember saying that I had to go. When I left, all I could think about was the love between us. I wanted to text him, but realized I didn’t have my phone. And neither did he. This apparently caused a schism in the dream, and I then woke up. 

Sigh. If only it wasn’t a dream. 

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