why am i like this?????

So I’ve come to realize that I’m the type of person who “talks” to five boys at a time, yet when I find out one of them is talking to someone else–I get so mad. Like I know I shouldn’t get mad because I’m doing the same exact thing butttt it makes me mad. I think i just need to be a polygamist and have multiple husbands (is that a thing?)

One thought on “why am i like this?????”

  1. Ik you don’t know me but at our age, its often the case to have group conversations with friends that may all be male or female, in your case males, my case it happens to be females most of the time. You never mentioned if you actually are interested in all five boys but the truth is, boys will, like me have lots of friends of both sexes and you as a girl may also. Chatting with others is normal and its cool to have many friends. But if its a bf you really want and want to focus on, you should really focus on the one boy that shows the most interest in you regardless what other girls are hanging around. Make sure that boy will make YOU feel like the most important thing in his life and most of all, treat YOU with respect! If he is one of the five in your group of five you are chatting with, you may already be half way to possibly having a happy and truely committed relationship. Focus on him mostly and agree to hang out alone. Having one husband in your life would work much better then having five! Life is confusing enough lol. Idk if I helped you with this cuz im only 16 myself, but it was worth the try and look at it this way, you got a comment to your post 🙂 Best wishes!

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