As my entry, I would write an essay on how hard it is to maintain any relationship in the modern world, I would write an essay on how you should do your makeup, I would write an essay on why I can stand Brandon no longer, I would try to write a pathetic love poem dedicated to this boy, I would write about my plans for this summer, or about my feelings, if only I wasn’t feeling like a run-over, beaten-up, stomped-on sack of turds. I get terrible headaches and sudden cramps in my thighs and back. Also, just to spice things up a little with a bit of TMI, whatever I eat, I end up having diarrhea, and/or feeling nauseous. I can never get into deep sleep, so I’m quite alert in my sleep. Also, my memory is getting worse by the minute (as in, I don’t remember what I had to eat the day before or what all I did in the day.) Here. Instead of writing something significant, I wasted my already-on-low energy on whining. That’s always the easier thing to do. 

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