He doesnt love me

 Ive wanted to run, Ive wanted to hide, From all the pain he caused me inside.              I wanted to scream, and I wanted to cry, But finally I was able to say Goodbye.          I had to move on, Oh I had to let go, I dont think he loves me, But Ill never know.    I had to start over, I just had to be free, He just doesnt know the pain he caused me..   He hurt me so badly, and the pain was so deep, From all the promises he couldnt keep. All the lies I heard him say, Its all in my head it just wont fade.. I will forget him, And leave him behind. Erase all of the damage from my broken mind. He doesnt love, Never has and never will.. Honestly hes the one who didnt care about how i feel.. Today im free of his trap, and the pain i endured. I guess now i can say Im finally cured. I dont love you either, Dont think I ever have. I put you away once and for all, I can sleep and rest easy, and for that im so glad!!!!

2 thoughts on “He doesnt love me”

  1. Closure is a great thing to have and sometimes it’s really hard to get.

  2. Very true. I probably wont ever get closure from the father of my babies. and its really okay.. I moved on without it.. when he realizes what hes missing he will be back.. and i wont be here.. Thank you

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