Im back

It was a small meeting tonight.I was just glad to be there.Im going to take my meds at ten tonight.I miss him. Wondering how his day went.Wishing I could’ve spent it with him.But I had a great day with little man so my spirits are up.Havent been clean in along time and really enjoyed time with my little man.and it felt wonderful.I am starting to realize how much I miss my little man..Going threw life clean and having to deal with it is new to me..Accepting that i am powerless over other peoples words and actions have been new also.I am also powerless over what i have done in active addiction to other and dealing with consequences are weird to.But I keep telling people who are clean and have good advice over and over .This is going to work out great if I keep moving forward.I love him with all my heart and I miss him constantly thinking of him.

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