Had chemo today.  Blood test results showed that my blood counts were low.  Do I want chemo today or not?  My choice.  I feel good today so let’s do it.  I don’t want to wait another week because that will possibly delay the scan and I need those results to decide what will happen next.  Basically if this chemo is working it will be continued until it no longer works which I know will eventually happen.  If the scan shows this chemo is not working then with my doctor’s advice we will decide what to do next.  Time will tell on that one.

Back to low blood counts.  I have to monitor myself and any shortness of breath and extreme tiredness I must call the doctor and they will send me asap for a blood transfusion.

Called my health insurance company as according to the latest paper they sent I am supposed to have a new id card.  By the time I got home and called them their office was closed for the day.  Then I called about my heart monitor  because they called and left me a message.  The monitor should be here by 8pm tonight.  As I hung up the phone UPS was coming up my driveway with my heart monitor.  Looks pretty simple but with my chemo brain I think I will get the husband to help me with it.  It doesn’t say how long I have to wear it.  It will be interesting.   

Also at next week’s chemo I get my Neulasta again but I will be home to deal with it this time. 

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