Stalking a stalker

I’ve been stalking my crush. 

And today he has been stalking me. 

I do not know what is happening. 

First time I saw him he was a complete stranger, and now we are just like eachothers stalkers. 

He has never seen my face. But I have seen his. 

We look at eachother from the distance and just like, it has become normal communicating through chat and just looking at eachother from the distance. 

He finds our stalking thing fun, and so do I. 


He had wasted his entire day on me today, and I felt like I should atleast make his long wish come true. To actually be able to sit close to me. 

Today as he was sitting by the river, I decided I should go to him. I told him to not look around, and focus down on his phone. 

The wonderful thing about him is that he is trustworthy, I trust him enough to go sit next to him, and know that he will not turn and look at me. 

So I did. I went to him and sat next to him by the river. 

I wanted to talk, use my voice. But I felt so nervous, I didn’t know how. 

He said hi. And my first reaction, was to text him and say “No talking.”

I was so nervous. He has never seen my face before. He had seen me, but never my face. He could turn around at any moment and see for himself, but he decided not to. 

But as we sat there, not saying anything. It was weirdly comfortable, it wasnt awkward. 

We were just like listening to music and chatting. 

Sadly it didn’t last long, as it was 10pm and I had to get home. 


He then later called it a “No talking text date”. He called it a date, our first meeting. 

Can I call it a date too then?

I dont know whats happening. Its the first time ive found a guy that is as weird as me, but at the same time so comforting to be around. Its hard to describe. 


And it seems I’m not the only one who feels like seing eachothers all the time. He keeps coming looking for me. Like a stalker. But its not a scary stalker, we like this stalker. 

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