Day 460 – Dreaming while sick

Tuesday, May 30th 2017

Basically watched YouTube all day since I was still sick, although tomorrow I should be better for school. 

I just gotta say though, how much I dislike dreaming when I’m sick. I can, several times in a day when I’m sick, have a nap that lasts four hours, but not dream once. However, as soon as I go to bed and sleep normally for the night, I get the most frustrating dreams. I would have to experience them several times, because I’d be waking up every two hours or so, as you’d normally do when you’re sick, but it is known that if you go back to sleep moments after waking up, you continue or follow the same theme of the dream you previously had. Therefore, no matter what I’d do, I would be stuck with the same annoying dream. 

The first annoying dream I had was one where I kept stealing materials for my blanket, that way I could “repair it”. Every time I’d wake up, I would tell myself to stop stealing for my perfectly fine blanket and to dream of something else, because I didn’t want to steal, at least, not for a lame reason like that; if I was stealing some super secret file for this secret agency, sure, but instead of being caught by some people in black suits, it’d be by this annoyed, normal person that are just arguing with me while I’m just here saying “I’m sick, therefore I can do what I want and you will let me sleep with my now repaired blanket.”

The other dream, I would not stop writing poetry, or letters that required a lot of thinking to write for that matter. It’s always so fustrating having to over analyse something in a dream that you know you won’t even need or will remember. Luckily, I used the trick where you say “I will dream of __” out loud, and I said “I will dream of something that has more action”, and I actually did dream of something with more action. I was the leader of a group of soldiers in some video game type war, except I think I went back to poetry afterwards… sigh.

That’s all for today.

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  1. Yeah, it’s a shame best dreams happen on nights where in the morning you have to wake up early. And you should try it; if you ever have a good dream and wake up on a weekend, try going back to sleep right after. It resumes it 80% of the time.

    Thanks, hope you have a good rest of the week as well!

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