hangovers, graduation, and its official

omg where do i start? 😀

friday through sunday i was fucked up. i do not drink to get drunk, and you’ll never actually find me drunk …..like ever. if i drink its always 1 -3 drinks and 3 is the limit, and thats after ive babysat a drink for like 5 hours. so the fact that i was drunk off my ass every night over the weekend is rare.. and i dont regret it because it was a goodbye weekend full of good times and zero drama. ashton was extremely shitfaced sunday night, ive never seen him even drink  before. and sunday night he was gone, he kept drinking and drinking and by the end of the night he fell asleep in the back of his friends truck. rookie lol. but by monday we both agreed, lets not do that again lol. it was actually my fault, i kept begging him to “have a few drinks with me” lol. but, yeah im not a big drinker, it was just ‘the last weekend’ so we had to go all out.

well today i woke up at 5 am! i had to pack up for the last time all of my stuff, clean up a bitch and get everything together. then i took a shower, hair, makeup, and dressed by 9am. packed up the rest of my stuff. humble brag but i LOVED the way i looked today. i would upload a selfie, but. . . . maybe not. anyway, ashton brought me breakfast and OMG OMG OMGGGGGG he looked sooooo fine!!!! just, soooooooo hot. he was dressed to the nines and his hair perfectly styled back looked gooooood. from head to toe. 

afterwards, we all had a big breakfast and ‘goodbye party’ at the dinning hall. it was so sad at the end, to have to say goodbye to all these awesome people that i lived with for 4 years! 

then graduation!! the commencement ceremony was awesome. we were all having the best time, everyone was in high spirits and im sooo glad this semester is finally over. it was still sad at the end when you realize college is over. 

and then it happened! right after the commencement ceremony ended. ashton and i were hanging out with our friends, taking selfies, having a good time before saying goodbye to everyone. he pulled me to the side and began to tell me how strong his feelings are for me, how much he’s grown to care for me, and how he doesn’t want to go a day without me (omg ) . . .  and then he asked me if i would like to be his girlfriend? like OMG!  i was caught completely off guard, i thought he was getting ready to say goodbye to me. obviously i said ‘of course’ ! this was the best day EVER!

afterwards, i finally met up with my parents. i couldn’t find them after the ceremony because it was SO crowded. but when i finally caught up with them and i introduced him to my parents! 🙂 then we all went to lunch, and we all had a great time. my parents were so happy. after lunch ashton and i met up with some of our friends for the ‘after after party’. but we didnt stay long because everyone was already drunk by the time we got there. and it was only 6pm!!!! and we didnt want to drink, and we couldn’t drink anyway. so we hung out for a bit then left. we bought yummy mexican food and headed to ashton’s place were we ate and spent some time (all innocent). after dinner we packed ashton’s suitcase and loaded the car and we’re now currently driving to aspen to my parents house. its like a 4 hour drive, and we’ve still got 1 more hour left!! my poor babe is tired AF but we’re half way there. 

so now im just laying down in the back of his car because im suppose to be “sleeping” but i cant sleep thinking about how exciting today was!!!!! ive got the biggest smile on my face right now. i cant wait to be back home, in aspen, with ashton, and my parents. <3

the plan is to spend 2 weeks in aspen at my parents house. then ashton is going to fly home to Pennsylvania for a couple of weeks to visit his family. probably more like a month. and then we’re going to go spend the rest of the summer together at my parents. something pretty awesome is that my parents are going on vacation to italy ( i was suppose to go with them but i backed out when i stupidly cancelled on them because i was planning on taking calculus 3 over the summer). but now im glad i cancelled because that means in 1 week ashton and i get to spent time all alone, just him and i. 😉

okay, im starting to fall asleep, which means ashton is probably even more sleepy than me. im going to head to the front seat and keep him company and keep him awake or see if he wants me to drive. good night journal people. 


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