I Am Human

depression has always been a part of my life. with that being said, being depressed does not make me weak, it makes me human. there are certain times a year where, for sake of being dramatic, depression presents itself as a demon, making me believe everything it says. it sits on my chest and weighs down until it is nearly impossible to breathe. it’s hand tightly gripped around my throat making it difficult to swallow. but demon or not, I am forced to go about my day, because everyday life stops for no man.
what most don’t realize… depression is not always tears and staying in bed for days. depression is usually laughing and learning to live with the temporary numbness.

my depression does not define me or who I am as an individual.
just because I feel this way now, doesn’t mean I need you to try and cheer me up.

what I need is for you to let me feel and let it pass- because it will pass.

One thought on “I Am Human”

  1. I absolutely love reading your works. They’re all so heartfelt and intriguing. I hope to see more in the future. If you’d like to speak further, please contact me!

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