I know

Most nights you eat me alive
Because I know
I know you could easily go
I know you could easily
Spit me out and taste another
You could hide away secrets
And dream dreams of goddesses
And I would still remain me.
eventually you will pick
Apart my flaws
Like I have after being left alone
With myself for too long
We start to see the withered parts
When we stare too long
Like how we see the details of a room
Only after
We have sat in it for hours
You will connect the constellation
Of freckles on my back
And name it after yourself
And after you’ve left me for the final time
I will hate every freckle you traced
With your finger tips
And I will grit my teeth
Wishing id never drank you up
And let you poison me
With intoxicating lullabys
About how you only love me
And will only love me
Until you saw the gap between my teeth
For the first time
Or the dark circles under my eyes
And then you take in the fact
That you never really knew me
Only the physical parts of me you wanted to know.

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