Message to myself

You need to stop looking for acceptance in the wrong places.  The same mistakes keep happening.  You allow men into your life too easily.  These men they don’t care about you.

All you are is a piece of meat. Once they have had you once or twice you are worthless. 

They will say anything to get you into bed.  Stay well away from these men.

You really do not need their attention to feel worthy.  All they do is build you up and then destroy you.

Stop searching and begin enjoying the moment.  Have fun. Laugh. Make friends and take care of yourself. 

You say your a bad judge of character but I believe you can do this.  If you have doubts about someone do not give yourself away to them.

Yes you make mistakes you are only human.  However you must learn from you mistakes and become wiser. 

You are pretty, kind and funny.  If anyone can’t see that Fuck their opinion you do not need their negativity in your life.

Remember you are unique.  Stop comparing yourself to other people.  You do not have to be perfect. You are enough!


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