Morals and Values and shit…

I think people who steal from others and mess with their belongings as way to merit a reaction from someone are about the lowest of the low. Right above rapist in my book. If I were to by some tragic occurrence reproduce, my offspring would be taught stealing shit is not ok. Period. Being involved or condoning it would result in some serious consequences if I were to find out my hypothetical offspring did such. Never under any circumstances is it ok to snitch to lighten your sentence or get out of a charge. I would be so ashamed and disappointed if something that came from my vagina did something so bitch-niggerish. And idk where I picked up to treat others how you would want to be treated. I think I genuinely follow that to the best of my ability. I’ve never been one to play pranks on people or go around getting involved or starting drama because I don’t want people doing that shit to me. So I’m actually hurt right now. Like emotional shit. Today has been such an unnecessary clusterfuck. My husband text me saying he would pick me up to go pack my shit. I’m like no I’ll get a ride. He insist that he can pick me up because he is literally going to be passing my current residence on his way back from doing whatever. I’m like fine whatever. By the time he arrived I was half asleep. I’m a cunt when woken up period. My dad literally will not wake me up for anything. If I’m running late for work the most he’ll do is crack the door and speak in a normal tone asking if I’m awake. Shit is serious. My husband for whatever unknown reason just brings out the worst in me sometimes. Like no one else has ever made me as angry as he has not even doing anything wrong. So today he’s like u ready? I don’t and mumble a  barely audible hum noise that he took as a yes. I continue to lay there and he decides to laydown over me. I’m snap into cunt mode like get the fuck off me. And he’s like lets go and I’m like chill what’s your rush and he says some shit about going 20 mins out of the way to come get me so I tell him like get the fuck out of here with that shit. I didn’t ask u to come get me and I damn sure don’t want to leave with you now. Side note. He’s leaving in the morning and will be gone for 3 weeks. Random note; recently installed security camaras. So he’s waiting in the car for me while I’m supposed to be changing. I text him like why can’t I just get my shit while you’re gone. It will be way easier. He says some shit like he doesn’t want me in his house without him being there. That right there kind of hurt my the part of the few feelings I have. It hurts that he would think I would disrespect any of his shit. I don’t think he really believes that. Just trying to get the exact affect that statement had on me. Finally I tell him fuck it I’ll wait 3 weeks. I’ve got all my hygiene shit and a good bit of clothes here. I’ll be fine. Then he calls and I answered and he’s like all I wanted to do was spend time with you that’s all I’ve wanted from you all week is two hours of your fucking time and you can’t even give me that. This part is true. And I will admit on my part yea it was fucked up. But acting like that I wouldn’t anyone to put up with that. Idk why he has for so long. I’ve told him time and time again I’m very unsure of our marriage and if I want to be with you. I’ve told him he deserves better and meant it. But he wouldn’t ever listen to me. Point is I would’ve never treated someone the way I have him in this situation unless they just won’t fucking listen when I say I don’t want be a wife I don’t want to live with you. I want to get my fucking head straight and get my shit together. Anywho. He says I have to come with him or he throwing all  my shit outside. I tell him do that if you must. He says some other shit and I tell him do whatever will make you feel better. And meant it. That’s the last message I sent. I then set his text to do not disturb and go fishing. He calls several times which of course I don’t answer. I finally look at the messages. He’s text me saying something about enjoy being a meth head then a few text later like for someone who is supposed to be helping their dad you sure do sleep a lot. Like which is it? Am I meth head or aren’t I? Then he sends me pics of my shit outside. I blocked his number so he can’t call my phone. Then changed my status on Facebook to single. I called my brother and asked if he could handle getting my things. I’m not going there to entertain his bullshit and fight. Really I just want my fishing shit, binoculars, and some cookie dough and apple juice. The rest I’m not even overly concerned about. My brother assures me he will handle it that he had a couple stops to make then would go. 5 hours later I call my brother informs me he text him and he text back. Then he called but he didn’t answer. That was it. Like WTF!? I would’ve been on top of getting my brothers shit to assure he got everything unharmed. So I’m hurt that my husband stooped to that level to begin with. But I understand he was hurt because I have been cunt to him. But still. It would be different if I would’ve fucked his car up something of that nature. Instead he just acted out of spite because the evening didn’t go as he planned. Apparently he wanted to go out to dinner and have a good time hanging out. Like how do you expect that to happen when just the day before you accused this person of being meth head and not making any effort to make the situation work. He could’ve moved in here. Now literally just now this jackass sends me a Facebook message saying I’m going to want to unblock him. Yea. Threaten me. That will do the trick. I’m out. This evening has really sucked and on top of all this one of my favorite throwing knives broke. 

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