Some kind of hate

I’m so glad Memorial Day weekend is over.  I hate holidays where I have to work.  It seems like I get invited out on days that I can’t go out and when I do want to go out no one else can go.  I’m supposed to work later today but until then I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself.  I really need a hobby.  Everything I currently like to do involves another person and I’m not really in a big supply of that right now.  I texted Anthony yesterday to hangout and he never responded.  He’s pretty much dead to me unless he either has a really good excuse (that I’ll believe) or he really has to make it up to me.  Either way I’m resolved to move on.  My group of guys I used to have is slowly dwindling.  Maybe I just need a vacation to recharge my battery.  I think a trip to the beach will lift my spirits.  I’ll have to plan something because having nothing to look forward to really takes a toll.  Times of depression are rapidly approaching unless I do something.  I almost want to work all the time because it’s something to do but then I’m miserable at work.  I just can’t seem to be satisfied.  At least not anytime soon.  I just need to get my shit together.  Ever since the breakup I’ve been lost.  Hopefully something good will happen soon.  I’m hoping for the best but expecting the worst.   

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