Worst Person Ever

So been a few weeks since I wrote last. Have a journal that I write in a lot but obviously I cannot write in it because of the chance my husband will see.  I am prolly one of the worst people ever, horrible wife.  A while back, few days after my dad passed, I met a guy and we ended up talking and I have tried to break it off many times but I always end up talking to him again, went 3 weeks without talking to him and then my mom ended up in the hospital and I began talking to him again.  I know I need to stop because I am married, but there is something I am either lacking in my relationship or there is something wrong with me, my husband is a great guy but I seem to think that maybe we were not meant to be, I know he could find somebody better and I wish he would because he don’t deserve this…even tho he has talked to other girls behind my back and all but 2 wrongs don’t make a right.  I really wasn’t even looking for another person but him and me just cl

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