15. Time for a change

It never ceases to amaze me how one day could change everything.

Let’s start with yesterday. It was binge watch PLL with Ann day. I also helped her welcome her new kitten Jack home for the first time. Jack, I should also mention is named after me. Jack, a new nick name Ann has given me, along with cheese ball. The night went well, I cooked dinner for us. I wasn’t sure how things we’re going to, or I was suppose to act, or do. Once I took the dishes in the kitchen, cleaned up I little, I headed to back to the living room to find her laying across the couch. Thinking the once I had walked over she was going to sit up, no. Score, Snug session. I absolutely love cuddling with her, the way she smells is absolutely intoxicating. Once we we’re done watching PLL, we went back to her apartment to play with Jack for a little while. All night she had been smacking my ass, so the instant I had a chance, I took. SMAACK! I got her good, I felt proud, until she turned around to do it back to me. I grabbed her arms before she had the chance to, and pinned them behind her. Big mistake, the first thing she did was lean into me, and bite my neck. I literally turned beat red, told her good bye, and left. There was no way I could stick around. I haven’t has any sort of sexual contact since the last time I was with her, there for that being weeks ago. I’m very easily excited.

                                                                     her body is addicting.

                                                                          I could trace her from head to toe, for hours.

Tonight, unexpectedly she came over to watch a movie, I picked her up after work..

                                                           oh, work. How I cant wait to get to that.

So, we watched a movie, and snugged, made out, and I’m pretty sure she work have given me a hand job has I let her. However, The first time we go that far, it wont be only me receiving, and with her visitor this week………..it has to wait. I have this undying urge to taste her. A hand job just would satisfy me.

                                                                                        She’s just like candy.


Monday night, Abby never showed up for work. Tuesday I finally spoke to her. She said she just couldn’t do it anymore. She’s unhappy coming to work, she doesn’t like Tiera micromanaging her, or the way she speaks to her either.

                                                                                She’s not the only one that feels this way.

It makes me feel bad because there’s not much I can do at this point with the things that are going on. I’m under the thumb as well, for no good reason, other then the fact Tiera simply dislikes me. It’s a tiring situation, and a quick eats Mexican joint just isn’t worth it to me anymore. I can do the same thing somewhere else, be respected more, be paid more, and have less..bullshit to deal with. More time, and energy to do the things I need, and want to.


It’s time for a change.

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