2012 Ford Focus SEL

So I don’t usually write about this type of thing on here, but I wanted those who would read it be aware of what you are getting yourself into when buying this vehicle. I own a 2012 Ford Focus SEL hatchback and I HATE it. 

I know that HATE is a strong word but I do and I can promise you that once you have read what i’ve been through you will understand my hatred. 

So back in 2014/2015 I purchased the ford thinking it would be a great car and I would really enjoy it. AS the year went on I started to notice some VERY minor details about the car and mechanics of the car that caused me to hate it each day at a time. 

First: When accelerating the vehicle stutters and when I say that I mean it jolts a few times before actually accelerating to preferred speeds. SO when you have a green light and you are accelerating it feels like your car is jumping forward (Hard to explain). And then it will make some very loud noise’s in the “cabin” that makes you concerned but it has nothing to do with anything. It’s just the way the car is. 

Second: The radio was amazing. I had bluetooth, I had audio auxiliary, charging ports that I could use, but after about a year of using the radio (note I kept up with all maintenance and oil changes.) it started to make extremely loud noises that sounded like firecrackers and fireworks were going off in my car. It was horrible. So instead of spending like well over $1000, I decided to replace the radio thinking nothing of it because a lot of cars have aftermarket radios in them. I used the car perfectly fine and nothing happened until about 6 months after the radio was installed.

Third: The battery cannot handle the aftermarket radios because there is a fuse or circuit missing (well it just dosnt exist in this car). So i had the battery replaced because it was dead. AND it had died after only 5 hours of not driving the vehicle… So I had the battery replaced and then it happened again and again and again etc… For a long time we could not find the problem, Until we realized that it didnt happen until the new radio was installed. So we took it to someone who could analyze the whole thing and see where exactly the problem was coming from. They found out that the radio was constantly pulling power from the battery even when the car was turned off and that the aftermarket plug that is usually in cars wasnt there… 

Last but not least: There were about 5 recalls on the transmission that we had to go to the dealership to get taken care of and they were always taking about 3-4 days to do it when they said they would have it done in the afternoon of that day we dropped it off. 


All-in-all I hate the car so much. And even tho the problems I listed above are minor i still am not going to drive a car that I can notice all problems in. I can continue to fix it but its going to have more money put into it rather than what I will get out of it when it’s time to sell the car or trade it in. 


NOTE: This is my opinion and I did have a bad experience with the car. This does not mean that someone else with the same vehicle will have these problems. 

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