My mother is threatening my grandfather to sue him. They argued for 30 solid minutes today. I honestly can’t stand anybody’s rows any longer. I was just about to start studying chemistry (somewhere around 5 o’ clock) when I heard a “What kind of father even are you? Shame on you!”. I thought to myself: “Well, that’s pretty usual, I’ll just go water the roses on my balcony. Maybe after that the bloody row will be over.” Nothing really changed, not even a handful of shame-on-you’s later, so I packed my books, a pyjama, a pair of knickers, a clean tank top, a shirt, and some toiletries into my rucksack. I called Ana and asked to go to school with her tomorrow (since she lives quite near my grandma’s). When she picked up, she sounded quite reluctant to talk (as if it was her mum who was calling her). I told her I was calling because I wouldn’t have Internet connection at gran’s and that I was just about to leave so I needed to know. She chuckled like she was being heavily distracted by something (or someone – for all I know, she could’ve been getting oral sex while on the phone) and said, “Oh…Sure, sure. Ha – ha! See you at, ha – ha, 7:40.” I left home at 6:45. Twenty agonising, back-breaking, and incredibly hot minutes of walking later, I reached my grandma’s flat. She welcomed me with. . . I guess excitement. For someone who lives alone, even a grumpy granddaughter who will eat all the sweets in their flat is good enough to keep company. She made me a nice sandwich with smoked cheese. We talked for a bit, then I started to study. I studied altogether for just over an hour and a half. Then I had rose hip tea, washed my face, cleaned my teeth, and went to read. I’m currently reading A Hero of Our Time. I quite like it.

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