Big Mistake

Returning his e-mail (responding to it I mean) was a big mistake.  He is not stable, not able to reason things out properly anymore.  Dementia.  He is back on the same old track as before but with a grudge now.  I am so sorry for him, but I can’t let him tear up my life.  I can’t.  I have legitimate people to take care of (Hubby and Mom and sometimes grandsons).  I get very tired taking care of everybody.  But people tell me to do something for myself….a lovely idea…..but I can’t think of anything anymore.  I feel as if I am in a closet.  I don’t feel creative anymore.  I don’t feel sociable.  Just tired.  Sorry I’m complaining.  This is the best place to say the truth, or the facts.  I know the TRUTH is, God is helping me through a hard time in my life, and giving me the honor of taking care of my family who are all so appreciative and dear.  Thank you, Father God.  Help me make better decisions and always ask you first!

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